Oh no!!!!! I did a bad thing…

March 27, 2008 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 30 Comments
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Well, some of us have embarrassing days… and then some of us have please let me go live under the bridge with two cats that fight all night long so I cant get any sleep embarrassing days. That happened recently… fortunately it didn’t happen to me… unfortunately it happened to Kinsey… oh, and did I mention I may have been the cause? So let me break it down because to some I may be a guilty boyfriend… but to my fellow 5th grade revenge mentality people you will see that she got what she deserved, haha.

So we decided to go out and enjoy the weather by taking a jog outside and get away from the treadmills. On the way back home we decided to run on the streets instead of taking the trail we normally jog on. It was rush hour by the time we got to our run so when we reached the main road (which by the way is one of them big boy roads that is one way and has four lanes leading into the highway) the traffic began to delay our jog due to the massive amount of waiting at the lights. At one of the light Kinsey apparently got bored. So what do women do when they get bored? I don’t know, but Kinsey likes to play jokes, so as I am standing at the light she decides to pull my pants down… yup, she pantsed me!!! It was no biggie; I was wearing running gear under my shorts that went down to just above my knee so I probably just looked like a dude with tights on. Afterwards I just sprayed Kinsey with some of my water and we laughed and it was all good. Little did she know that I was plotting my attack, I didn’t know what it would be… I figured wrestling in the middle of the streets while giving her a super wedgie was a bit too much… and so tying her shoelace to a pole with my crazy classified too crazy for the boy scouts knot was out of the question because not even the CIA can find a way to undo it.

As we were nearing the end of our run we came across a HUGE intersection. Kinsey was standing in front of me with her hands on her head catching some air… this was my opportunity and I decided to take it. As the light turned yellow I realized if I timed it right I could do a pull down and run. So I walked up behind her and WHAAAAM!!!! Pants to her knees. I was about to start running but unfortunately the first thing I saw was butt cheek and no underwear to be found. I automatically fell back and screamed “oh, crap!!!” Kinsey on the other hand was shock so her hands stayed on her head as she helplessly looked down; it was if I had just pantsed an armless woman. By this time the construction workers behind us started hoot’n and hollerin, and the cars started honking. About 4 seconds into it her pants were still down and she looked at me and said, “Why did you do that?” so I replied in mid laughter, “Pull your pants up!!!” She finally came to her senses what seemed to be an hour later. We then ran across the street while everyone honked and gave us thumbs up. Whoopsie daisy : )

So the moral of the story is: Do not pants your boyfriend if you are not wearing underwear because he will get you back.



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