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I am not feeling like being funny today Kidd…

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Man, what a heart wrenching day, but at the same time its so uplifting. This was my third Kidd’s Kids day and it is so cool to see that even though our economy is not exactly at its highest people find ways to help out those who really need a lift. I won’t lie to you, it is tough to develop these friendships with families because you know that there is a huge potential of getting hurt if one happens to pass away. This was all too real for me this last trip after Cherry left us in December. I spent most of my time between the Delgado and the Peters so I did develop an attachment from those five days of hanging out. Losing Cherry felt like someone had just dumped a bucket of ice cold water on me, and seeing her family today brought that feeling back again because I could tell that after 10 months the pain was still very prominent in their mind. That just motivated us even more though because Cherry’s mom herself told me that Cherry talked about the trip everyday after coming home and how she wanted to bake cookies and sell them to help out Kidd’s Kids this year… that didn’t happen but hopefully next year we can have a Cherry bake sale to help her dream come true : )


On another note completely opposite of the emotions I just wrote about. I love my neighborhood. Why? Because there are some crazy a$$ people that live there. Yesterday after injuring my groin due to getting older and less flexible during my football game I decided to go grab some dinner at 7 eleven. Yeah, nothing beats some beef jerky, a Gatorade, and some skittles. As I walked in there… hold on let me re-phrase… As I limped in there and past the magazines I walked past a woman who may have been a man, but could have very well been a manly woman. This wom… I mean, this person looked at me limp by and said, “ohh, you just got googled! Nice,” she didn’t actually say google, she used a much more profanity based word. I just looked back and gave her the half smile. She then said, “Yeah, I can tell, you are all sweaty and your hair is all messed up. I need to get googled bad. You are lucky.” I was wearing gym clothing but she can assume what she wants. I just giggled, but not in a girly giggle way, more like in a “ha-ha” way. I bought my items as she continued to blab away. I bought my things and on my way out she said, “byyyyyyyye!” while doing spirit fingers at me. Weird? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Was she a lady of the night? Umm… definitely.


Moral of the story: You know you live in a weir neighborhood when you can’t tell the sex of a person… or if they are into hollerin for money.



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