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September 23, 2008 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

So I am finally off the football induced depression… my team finally won a game this season. Now if they could just do this 13 more times in a row I will be happy. However I would like to write a lil bit about a wonderful thing called “paying attention”. Now, I will say that one thing they did stress while I attended school was “paying attention”, but unfortunately I am not very good at paying attention because too many things catch my eye very easily. Colors, water, stuff, flowers, hair, bright things, shiny things, candy… pretty much everything.


I wish I could have paid attention when it came to purchasing a certain T-shirt. Kinsey got me to come out to the gay pride parade. Now, the parade is actually a lot of fun so I had no problem going. Before making our way to find a spot my friend and I decided to buy some cool Dallas Cowboys shirts because he is a fan. I just thought they looked cool and Tony Romo is a pretty good QB and I am a fan of good QBs like Montana, Young, Elway, Fouts, Marino, J-Si… you know, the greats. So we bought our shirts quickly because we were in a hurry. We put them on and went on our way. About two minutes later I started getting harassed by some gay dude. I am used to this because I happen to live in the area but this time these guys are coming on way too strong. After telling them to stop they walked away. I decided to walk on home because I wasn’t feeling too good about being grabbed three times in .45 seconds so I told Kinsey I was gonna take off. As I walked towards my street the same guy tried to grab my Mexico part of my body. So I said, “Dude, I’m not gay.” Then he, along with his friends, started chanting “*omo wannabe!” I was super weirded out (by the way, did you know weirded is not a word? Nutty), but I figured they were just drunk.


So I get home and take my shirt off and throw it on the bed and head into the bathroom. As I walked out of the bathroom a question popped in my head… Why would they make a Tony Romo shirt with an 08 on it? He wears number 9… maybe it was an MVP shirt or something… then I took a closer look at the name plate on the back of the shirt. The “R” in Romo had magically turned into an “H” somehow. YAY!!!! I walked around with a shirt that said, “*omo 08”. If I would have not been so distracted by the cool looking shirt I would have paid attention to what the back said. When everyone got back from the parade my buddy walked in with his head slumped so I said, “you figured it out huh?” He said yeah, “about 10 minutes ago.” Haha, he walked around with it on for two hours. NICE!!! I didn’t feel so bad after that.


Moral of the Story: I bet Tony Romo was made fun of a lot in High School : )






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  1. This would only happen to you J-Si!!! These situations seem to hunt you down!! I bet Kinsey will never let you forget this one!!

  2. Hey J-si…My maiden name is Romo and Omg. I grew up with them calling me that! I was little so it would make me cry and hate school BUT as i got older, they would say it and i would say sapian. you know for homosapian…anyway. i thought i was cool cuz i knew a big word.

    love your blogs and keep em coming…

  3. J-Si!
    I LOVE your blogs. The way you tell your stories…HI-LAAAR-RIOUS!

  4. J-Si, you crack me up! Your fantastic! Shout Out!

  5. This has nothing to do with this post…but you should put a good picture of you and Kinsey on here…just a suggestion! 😀

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