Wut, wut!!!!

September 3, 2008 at 4:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Ok, so let’s talk about Kinsey and her injuries suffered in the span of two days. Let’s begin with the “I told you so” accident.


Kinsey and I were having an impromptu BBQ and were down at our apartment complex pool getting ready to grill. Kinsey comes up to me and tells me that she doesn’t know how to turn on the grill, so I tell her to just give it a little kiss and whisper sweet nothings in its ear. She then informed me that it was a woman grill. We then spent 20 minutes arguing about the sex of the grill. Finally after winning the argument I walked over to the grill to show him who’s boss. I determined that the button that sparks the flame was broken… I will name that button the splame button. Kinsey then walked over and said, “Why don’t we just throw a match in there?” I could smell the gas so there was propane in the tank. I told Kinsey that we should just trade out there propane tanks and use the grill that had a splame button that worked because you are not supposed to light propane grills with matches. She would not budge on this argument so I told her that if she was going to do that to do it with the cap closed. Oh, and don’t forget that the gas has been running this whole time. Kinsey carefully lit the match and threw it through a small hole on the side of the cover and then, BOOOOOM!!!! It sounded like a plane had crashed in the middle of our apartment complex. Kinsey came out completely unscathed while my buddy who was standing a few feet away lost the hair on his arm and his beer… but he lost his beer because he was a wuss and dropped it due to the loud boom. I laughed.


Second incident is a bit more serious yet hilari-I at the same time. Kinsey was in an “I want to take cute pictures” mood and decided to hop onto a motorcycle to pose for one. What she didn’t realize is that it was about 105 degrees outside and the motorcycle had been sitting in the hot sun for a while and the pipes are made of metal which happen to be a magnet to heat. Yup, Kinsey has a second degree burn on her right calf. So I asked her what she could have possible been thinking and she replied with, “I wasn’t thinking about getting burned… I was thinking about how cute the picture would look.” Gotta love her : )


Moral of the story: Sun + motorcycles + long time = funny looking calf




PS- If you would like to become a part of Bean & Cheese Burrito Productions here is your chance. I am looking to expand my team of one into a team of three people. I need a dude and a girl (who can sing and rap). You have to be quick and able to write funny songs to popular music. If you are up to it hit me up at JC@kiddlive.com with your:

  1. name
  2. age
  3. location


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  1. I had a similar accident a long time ago. Tell Kinsey to use vitamin E on the area and it won’t scar at all. Get the capsules and poke a hole in them. It works.

  2. HAHA poor Kinsey, sounds like something I would do!!

  3. Sign me up to B&C Burrito Productions

  4. ay dios mio jesus!!! you are too funny!!! how is it that these crazy things happen to you & kinsey?? estaras embrujado?? LOL!!! neways, keep blogging your blogs are my fav.cuidate y dile a kinsey que se ponga savila (aloe vera) for her burn.

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