Teleport machines and stuff…

September 2, 2008 at 11:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Alrighty then… So the Friday show was pretty shocking huh? I have held on to this since Friday… I wanted to post it but for some reason I felt weird about writing this. I will say this thought. I had always had this view of divorce being a super negative thing… I’m not going to say that it’s not a good thing, but it doesn’t have the connotation in my mind that it once had. Kidd has shown me that even though it is a very painful experience you can still hold on to that part of your life. I am so happy that there is no animosity between Kidd and Carol. Up until meeting Kidd, I had only heard of these magical couples who somehow remained close and loving towards each other after a divorce… Kidd proved to me that this can actually be a reality. I know both felt pain… heck, I know a lot of people around here felt pain but the fact of the matter is that everything is going to be ok. He is still the same man Kellie and Al have worked with for 13 years… he just happens to like to work… all day… every day.


This has actually helped me in my own life in a good way. I happen to be lucky enough to have a very fun job and sometimes I tend to drown myself into it. What I have to do is find a way to balance Kinsey with work and make it so that neither suffers from it. I would say that for the last 5 years I have immersed myself in this lifestyle. It means a lot of work and little play. I guess that is the reason why I have been able to get as far as I have in such a  short amount of time… and a bunch of luck helped too… and a couple of favors that I am ashamed of, haha just kidding. But in all seriousness, Kinsey and I always have little talks, AKA relationship fights, about spending more time together. Now I know that I have to change something before we drift too far apart. Gotta take it one step at a time I guess… I just said that because that new Jordin Sparks song is on. I am such an ADD dork. I guess what I am trying to say is that Kidd once again impacted my life in a positive way opposed to impacting my life in a negative way like when he made me stand in my Speedo in the studio… a very cold studio.


My new attitude and approach will begin today. My goals are to have dinner with Kinsey every night, go back to having out one on one date night on Fridays, tell her “I love you” even if we are in a fight, and kiss her good night every night… even if I am out of town, I better build a teleport machine.


Everything will be fine… because everything is fine. I just made it up, does that make sense? Cause it did make sense to me : )


Moral of the story: if I invented a teleport machine I would be rich… and it would rock everyone’s face off.





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  1. In order to make it work you have to make her a priority at a level she can live with (is exceptable to her). And then you have to work to keep her feeling like she is that priority.

    But sometimes through it all life just happens….

  2. JC slash J-Si slash Jose,

    I’m glad that you’re learning from Kidd’s experience. Thanks for sharing your random, serious, funny, and zany stories in your blog! I really like getting to know you all better, and your devoted listeners appreciate all of you putting yourselves out there every day.

    With that said, I was also going to ask (not that you answer every comment you get) if you still have that “JC meets God” bit available. I laughed until I cried when I heard it, and I almost peed my pants just talking about it later to friends. I had to let everyone I knew listen to it on the k-Pod when I heard it, but for some reason, it’s not there anymore.

    Anyway, thanks again for all you do! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say! 🙂

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