Blood is gross…

March 31, 2008 at 3:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Crazy weekend… so crazy that J Zizzle had to take Saturday off. Yup, and I did it voluntarily, not because Kinsey wanted to, or because my mom thinks I “party hardy” too much, or because my dog broke her leg for the 13th time this year, or because I got peanut butter stains on my favorite shirt and was too depressed to go on so I ate the entire tub of it… I simply just stayed in and rested.

First let me take you back to Friday. Kinsey and I met up with Uncle Daddy, Big Al, and Redneck Steve at a club. Everything was great… there were some dudes break dancing on the dance floor, and they were really good too. I would have gone up in there but I pulled my lumbrical muscle that just so happens to be connected by my tendon of flex (thank you anatomy and physiology book from college), and ummm also pulled my yesebilia cortex doblemata (thank you incredible brain that allows me to make up words that sound really smart). Anyways, I just didn’t get in there because if the dancers made fun of me I would have to kick each and every one of them. Raise your hand if you appreciate rambling in my blogs (if you did not raise your hand, you may now consider yourself a boring Bob, or a boring Barbara if you are a chick).

At around 1am I decided to go take a lil bathroom break and open up some room for some beverages who may be interested in the new vacant position in my body, my body is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to beverages by the way… I don’t want the water suing me because he didn’t get a fair shot at the alcohol infested club. As I am walking towards the bathroom with a smile on my face, a guy walks right up to another guy and decided to destroy his face with his fist. At this point I am next to the guy getting hit so my face turns from smiling to, “oh crap, I don’t want to be in the middle of a fight” and then to “oh crap, I feel some sort of liquid on my face and arm”. The guy had been hit so hard that his blood had splattered all over the entire left side of my body including my arm and left cheek area. At that point I decided that I needed to go home and douse myself in water and antibacterial soap.

Saturday I watched “No Country for Old Men”… I actually enjoyed it but was a bit taken back with the ending… it just sort of ends blandly. Great movie though.

One great thing that came out of the weekend… Kinsey and I had finally saved enough to buy a new bed!!!! We found one for a great price and even got more money off because they were having a clearance. So we are moving up from my $100 full mattress from the hotel that is as stiff as the floor, to a nice king bed… thank god Kinsey is a great bargain shopper.

!!!!!!!DROW (shout out to all my dyslexic people out there!!!!haha.) I met a dude this weekend who told me he had it so I told him I would give him a shout on my blog : )




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  1. I’m with ya on “No Country for Old Men”. It doesn’t really have an ending.

  2. My husband and I got a new bed this weekend too!…and the matching dresser, mirror and nightstands. And we were on such a roll we decided to get a $700 matress too. Meh, what’s an extra $1400 to your bill?…sigh. Congrats though!

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