Off to sleeping in I go…

March 14, 2008 at 3:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Its vacation time!!! So yesterday we had our football double header. We won one and lost the other one. But… there was some turbulence; I ended up leaving the field. The problem with sports is that some people get a little more agitated than others. Maybe it was the fact that I had been elbowed in the eye, hit in the face twice, and had dislocated my pinkie, but towards the end of our second game I was very agitated. Plus some of my teammates decided to take their anger out on the refs. I unfortunately sided with the refs and told my friends to shut their mouths. They did not take kindly to me telling them to shut up so a team argument ensued in front of everyone. Now, I could have stayed there and let it build up to the point where we would have gotten face to face, and I saw that coming so I decided to walk off the field. I have never done that before, but yelling at a dude making $7 an hour is not my cup of tea, it’s a freaking co-ed league for crying out loud, are we supposed to expect NFL officiating? Hell to the nah. Apparently some teammates feel differently. To add to the fire; we were not losing due to officiating; we were losing because we played crappy. Sure I wanna win super badly, but I just wanna run around with a football and try to re-live my high school glory days. Haha. I hope at least the refs are grateful that I stood up for them… if they aren’t then they should get a super kick to the ankle so they can’t chase after me. Now that is what I like to call smart.


Now you can enjoy Delilah being nuttier than squirrel poo just days after her tube tying experience, yup… she will never have bebehs with any dog, or cat… you never know with these crazy dogs now a days:




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  1. Ummm, do you have on stirrup pants?

  2. I LOVE DOGS…. that was fun

  3. nice couch & tv…you just gave burglars a vid of stuff to take whilst you are away…kewl puppy & kewler sportsman like conduct…*offers Airborne salute*

  4. J to the Si;
    You were very mature in handling the football situation like you did. In the grand scheme of things, that football game wasn’t all that important. Props to you for recognizing that and being the bigger person by not allowing it to escalate into something even more.

    You ROCK!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I luuuvvvv you on the show. You are sooo freakin funny and you amaze me every day with the stuff you do. The show would not be the same without you on it. I very much admire your talents on the show and you as a man in your relationship with Kinsey. More men should be like you. You are an example to other men. Or at least I think you should be. Love you and wish you the best.


  6. CRAIG…!!! Seriously…GET A LIFE!!! I am so tired of seeing you post on everyones blog. Apparently you don’t understand the concept of this forum. We are supposed to HELP with comments, not bring them down.

  7. My 4 month old boxer does the same thing only she’s a little bit bigger! She’s crazy!

  8. jc- ur dog is just so happy! we have 3 ankle biters, a pomeranian(TAZ), a chiuahua/wiennie dog mis(Hooch) & a chiuahua/terrier mix(Vito)! they all 3 have their favorite toy. Loved the video!

  9. Who needs tv when you’ve got Delilah to entertain you. That video was so funny!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. cute puppy dancing with pikachu:

  11. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday 🙂 hope you have a great day!

  12. J-Si, where are you????

  13. Today I just turned on the radio and heard Hey There Delilah and thought about your song to Kinsey. I hope you are doing well with couple therapy and got to spend a lot of time together over spring break. I am totally rooting for you guys.

  14. LOL…my chi Sebastian does that too…not just Delilah!!!

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