Here we go!!!!

March 12, 2008 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 33 Comments

Today is the big day!!!! It’s our first session for couple’s therapy. Do I feel like our relationship would end if we didn’t go? Of course I don’t, but why not try something different right? This could be the smartest thing we have done as a couple… or it could suck, but either way I have faith in it. At least I will be receiving help from someone who will understand both of our points of views and will have all the facts. I have noticed that people are quick to jump and write hateful emails about my relationship so here are some facts for those who think they know but don’t know… this may answer some of the questions some of those people may have.

1. The only reason Kinsey and I are not married or engaged is because she told me she wanted to wait until she was done with school… not because I don’t want to.

2. Kinsey does have a promise ring.

3. I am ready for a committed relationship… otherwise I would have not wasted 6 years of our lives fooling around.

4. I don’t want Kinsey to quit working. I do want her to have independence; I just feel she would be happier if she didn’t have to leave every weekend to drive for hours on end.

5. I respect military families, I know you don’t see each other for months at a time… the difference is that those in that type of relationship know what they are going into as far as being away from each other goes. Our situation sprung up on us 5 and a half years into our relationship.

6. You can email me and tell me she is having an affair all you want… I will still choose to believe my girlfriend over a random anonymous jackass.

If you have any more questions I am here to answer : )

In other wonderful news… we fixed Delilah!!!! She wasn’t broken but she sure was leaking all over my floor (haha with a hint of gross). Plus after having her birthday party and realizing that she is an attractive young biiiiiaaaach (its ok, that is the true definition of a female dog) and watching about 12 male dogs try to get a piece of my little girl we decided pull the plug on any pregnancy scares. I don’t want to deal with going to the dogycologist, haha get it? Since she was all drugged up it was the most peaceful day of my life. I didn’t have to play fetch at all yesterday, which is a lot better than the 8 hours she sits in front of me barking and wagging her tail… Dex only plays tug of war and he is getting fat so he gets tired after .02 seconds.





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  1. Best of luck and your answers to the questions were right on. Thanks for clearing things up. If you are going to “talk” about issues and only give part of the information the listeners are going to make their own assumptions from the experiences they have had. Communication is a two way street…hey….I think they even teach you that in couples counseling. Haha…now I am starting to sound like you.

  2. What is Kinsey studying? I think you are both on the right track. Just keep pursuing your goals. Y’all are both still young enough to achieve your goals and then move forward into marriage and family. Please don’t rush. This is a good time in your lives although different and stressful but there will always be change in your life. Just try and make the best of it and be thankful for the wonderful opportunities you both have been given! Stay cool and good luck today!!

  3. Tell all thos naysayers to KISS YO AZZ… They don’t know what goes on at home.. what’s the old saying about assume?? It makes an ass out of u and me! LOL



  6. post pictures of delilah!!!

  7. It just kills me when ppl have nothing better to do than to be negative! Forget them!! I believe everything is going to work out between you two and things will get back on track soon. Sometimes life just has a funny way of reminding us of what we have even if you never lost sight of it. It’s a way of showing us how lucky we are. Part of the growing process if you ask me. 🙂 Good luck to you both.

  8. That is freakin’ AWESOME! All relationships have issues. Its wonderful that you are working on yours. And please ignore all those mean, hateful, spiteful people who write ignorant stuff. They are just jealous!

  9. Espero que todo se solucione entre Kinsey y tu. All relationships go through hard times & it’s great that both of you are willing to work at making it better, eso es lo mejor que puedes hacer.

  10. jc! I think it’s wonderful that your so open to counceling. Your a good man! Good for you & Kinsey best of luck to both of you.

  11. Good luck !! I dont think you really need it. The fact that your both are willingl to see a counselor in the beginning before things get out of hand says a lot in itself.

  12. Kinsey is beautiful. Therapy really does help, it you get the right one.

  13. JC I think you and Kinsey are so cute and do not let rude people make you think otherwise. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from your therapy – good luck!! and ps i love the morning show

  14. hey nothing wrong with doing what is best to fix (even if it aint broken) ur relationship. any extra bit helps believe me, she isnt having an affair cuz if she did believe me u would know it..besides she truly loves u and wouldnt have made such a big adjustment for you ya know….so good luck and god bless everything is gonna work out just have faith and u’ll see 🙂

  15. Who’s business is this of anyone’s but you and Kinsey? Man, people need to get a life when it comes to messing with other people. I’m happy for you and Delilah, that is simply awesome!!

    Word to your mother cuz there is no other!

  16. People don’t need to be rude but Dana, it’s everyones business when he blogs about it and talks about it on the radio. BTW, there is some good advice mixed in with the dumb comments.

  17. It must be very hard to have your relationship scrutinized by a bunch of opinionated strangers! Hang in there J-Si! You don’t have to explain anything to us, and your relationship with Kinsey should be private, so don’t let Kidd turn it into a “bit” for the radio. After all, we don’t ever hear him talk about his wife Carol. We don’t hear about HIS family life at all. Ever.

    Also, I heard the promo “We will be right back with Kidd, Kellie, and Big Al” and I wondered why your name isn’t in there too? Why aren’t you on the billboards? I think its time!!!

    Love you J-Si; keep up the good work! You make me laugh!!!

  18. JC,
    I think it’s funny how Kidd asks all of you guys to bring your personal lives to the show and have him exploited. Is Kidd’s life so perfect that he does not need to add them to the show as he has done to all of you? Don’t get me wrong I find it interesting but from your big fight, to Kellie’s divorce to Big Al’s Son leaving, I think the “Paycheck” should talk more about his situations at home also.

  19. Good luck to the both of you!

  20. JC and Kinsey, I wish you both the best! I recently got married and I’m on the “younger” side (I’m 23), but I’m also a firm believer in NOT RUSHING THINGS–so ignore those people telling you she “just wants the ring”. That’s insulting to both of you! You two have a lot of history together, and it seems like ya’ll are being smart about the future, so just try to enjoy the PRESENT. It’s always hard in any type of relationship where people’s schedules are different, but just try to remember that these crazy times are NOT permanent. Trust and communication are the keys. And I think that’s from Oprah, so you can quote her on that!

  21. JC,

    Bring back your corny jokes! They can have a JC’s Joke Time right?! Anyways,I laughed so hard! And I was at work which was a little embarrassing, but oh well.
    I wish you the best of luck tonight! Hope everything goes well and I’m glad you’re going in with an open mind!

  22. Yes, post pics of Delilah, please! Her personality is a lot like my dog’s — can’t get enough fetching action.

    Best wishes to you and Kinsey.

    FYI – I love your writing style!

  23. If you figure it out please let me know. It is a struggle to find balance between successful careers and successful relationships (and or families.) Unfortunately in many jobs or companies in order to be competative and advance you have to go above and beyond the norm. This usually requires sacrificing time from your relationship. Longer days, weekends, travel etc. The relationship, the thing that is supposed to be the most important is what ends up taking the hit. People’s identity is also tied up in their work. Usually the first topic in conversations is “What do you DO?” it feels good to be able to have a good answer to that question. It’s a catch 22. Even if you were the best boyfriend and made her feel that even if she doesn’t “work” she is the best thing since sliced bread, she wouldn’t get that feeling from everyone else.

  24. J-Si you are awesome! I have brown chicken brown cow eternally stuck in my head – my 4 year old daughter is also walking around the house saying it because she heard me do it. However, the good thing about that is it seems to make her laugh and when she’s about to have one of her melt downs for no apparent reason (because she’s 4 and she does that daily) I say brown chicken brown cow and she laughs instead and does a little dance with it. You may have helped solve her melt down problems!! Thanks!!

  25. JC … YOU ROCK!!! You and Kinsey will continue to rock also – You are HOT and she is beautiful – you can have it all and you will because you are partners and that is very clear. Good Luck to you and Kinsey with the therapist!!

  26. Be careful sharing your relationship on the air. Some things need to be kept between the two of you.

  27. JC, you and Kinsey truly seem great together. I know the listeners are able to see how great you are b/c we hear you everyday but I am sure Kinsey is just as great, she would have to be for you to love and respect her so much. Keep your eyes on each other and things will continue to fall into place. Yesterday was my ten year anniversary, my husband and I have been through TONS of challenges and trials over the years but it is worth the fight so, chin up Dude! God Bless.

  28. JC..everything will be ok. Just heard what you said about trust. I feel the same way in my relationship. There are some inner things YOU need to work on. You and Kinsey are just going through it right now. What relationship doesn’t. The love you two share will give you the strength you need. Just continue to COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE!!!!

  29. JC I was listening this morning while you were talking about why you have trust issues when you said one reason was because you found out you had been lied to about your father. I am going through the same situation with my son and husband. My son is 10 and my husband is not his father. Me and my husband were seperated for a year and were both seeing other people and I got pregnant. The guy I was dating decided he didnt want to be involved and left, after my son was born me and my husband got back together but my son has know idea he is not his real father. I am concerned with when is the right time to tell him??? I don’t want to lie to him but I also don’t want to put to much on him when he is to young. My husband is great with him and loves him as if he were his own but I know he has to be told at some point just deciding when that should be is hard. Do you have any advice for me????

  30. Congrats on wanting to work on your relationship issues with someone whom will look at both sides of the story! I hope it works out cause its better to do it now than it happen later. But please keep in mind that it needs to be two sided to make your relationship last always and communication if the one step that you must never forget… so good luck to the both of you!

  31. Best of luck with your couple’s therapy. It’s obvious you two are in love. Admire your candidness.

  32. Look big dawg lemme let you in on a secret, something you really dont have to go to couple’s therapy for to have some guy tell you that youre or shes wrong and then make you both even more mad cuz he took one side over the other, and plus those “How does that make you feel?” questions get really annoying and then you tell him how you really feel and he says uh huh and scribbles some junk on a yellow pad and says you have anger issues and “that could be the main reason”, anyways look man the thing is, ive been in the same boat as her as far as having to drive to go see my girlfriend with more than one girl, course you know not more than one at a time, meaning i havent been with more than one girl at a time just so theres no confusion. But as a matter of fact i just got married in december i was driving only about three hours away every weekend, and that takes a toll mentally and physically, i work from about 6:30 in the morning til about 6:30 at nite if im lucky i get out at 5, i would drive home friday night, sometimes my wife would have to work that weekend so i would drive home just to be with her for maybe two hours out of the weekend, thats it and that was even after we got married until i could find us a place around where im stationed, it was tearing us apart, but not because she was mad at me or i was mad at her but it was because we love each other too much to be away from one another, look man plain and simple your problems straight up and down caused by the “love bug” man, shes probably afraid that since yall are apart so much that you make just say to hell with ill just go find me someone closer, and end up losing you, and though she told you that she wanted to wait to get married im almost willing to bet that deep down she wants to at least be engaged so that gives her some kind of mental stability, ive come find to with women that you always got to keep reassuring them and not just by saying things, but on that same note dont ask her to marry you just for that reason not until you know for sure, and you will know when the time comes, oh yea the secret, the secret is love, thats all it is man you love her, she loves you, and if she really loves you then she would do anything as long as you ask, and vice versa if you really love her, now dont do something irrational and ask her to quit her job without having a plan to make sure she can get another job, compromise with help her find a job around your area, its too easy man, i know you probably dont really want to hear all this or really care, but hey man im caring person when it comes to anybody and if i feel someone needs help i like to give advice, best of luck man, peace

  33. You are one of my favorite people on the show! Brown chicken, brown cow! I also enjoy Kinsey’s part (even when really Kidd) on the show. As for your relationship…No one really knows what goes on in a relationship except the 2 people who are in it. People will always give advice you don’t ask for, even close friends. Do what is best for you guys–it’s all you can do! I admire you putting your stuff out there…the good and the bad. I also have to give you props for going to therapy. That takes a real man! 🙂 Stay strong and know you have a lot of people on your side! Luv u and Kinsey both!!! Jenn

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