Today is Monday, and I lost an hour… and it makes me sad

March 10, 2008 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Weekend was great!!! Kinsey and I spent time together finally. On Friday we were home bodies pretty much. Nothing too crazy, we just went out and had a couple of drinks and then went home. Why did we go home early? Well, Kinsey heard a commercial on the radio letting us know that Jessica Simpson was going to make an appearance at the mall. I brushed it off, but Jessica happens to be Kinsey’s idol. So she looks over at me as she turned off the radio after the commercial and says, “Can we go?!?!?!?!” Ok here is the problem. I like to use Saturdays as sleep in day… this would vastly cut into my sleep in time but what the heck, at least I could sleep in until 9:30 am. That was not the case. The very next morning at 8 am on the dot Kinsey woke me up as if it were Christmas. She had already taken the dogs out, cooked breakfast and taken a shower. I on the other hand had not done anything but drool just a lil bit on my pillow… haha. So I get up because I could no longer sleep due the uncalled for Jessica Simpson music being played. I could have slept for two more ours because we did not leave the house until 10:30. Kinsey could not find the “right outfit”.

Once we get there we quickly found out that you had to purchase at least $75 worth of stuff from her brand. So we did that. You then had to get a wristband to stand in line… when we asked for the wristband the lady said they had run out. Kinsey was devastated, so we went and stood there and looked at Jessica from 20 feet away. Just before we were about to leave I saw Joe Simpson (Jessica’s dad) walk in. So I went around back and told the security guy I was the dude from Kidd Kraddick in the morning… I figured he would just brush me off. I was greeted with some love and let right into the back area where I managed to hook up with one of her people in her entourage who I then followed to Jessica’s dressing room, where I waited with Kinsey while we ate and drank her food and played with her dog. Finally Jessica walks in with her parents and crew. My stomach went into a convulsion of knots. I figured her body guards would tackle me and take me out, which would also make a great story because I would kick at least one of them. Instead Joe looked at me with the “oh you little sly devil” look. So I asked straight up, “Do you mind if I get a minute of your time for Kidd’s show?” She answered “no problem, but I gotta catch a plane.” I ended up getting an interview and Kinsey got to meet her favorite celeb and I looked like a pimp. VERY NICE!!!! You can listen to the interview on the K-pod… I did give Kinsey my camera to record the interview but she took one picture instead… I think she was nervous and had a small case of blondelitis.

 kinsey-and-jessica.jpg Kinsey with Jessica


Kinsey with Daisy 

Saturday we hung with Kellie, Al, and Uncle Daddy. We caught Charlie Murphy doing his stand up routine. My review: My “brown chik’n brown coooow” joke is better than any of his… but, his opening act was hilarious with a capital HILA.

Then on Sunday it was Delilah’s 1st birthday. So we threw her a party with her brothers and some other dog friends she has. Unfortunately she isn’t fixed and decided to start her womanly time of the month so we had to put a chastity diaper on her. Kinsey taped some of the party because she is a crazy dog mommy. Notice Dex protecting her sis in the beginning of the video, he is tougher than a death row inmate who hasn’t eaten in a day… until you bark right back at him… then he becomes as tough as a 3 year old Mexican kid being chased with a spider while he screams bloody murder and ends up being mad at his uncle for three years and hating spiders for the rest of his life… which is what happened to my cousin… um… Lay-Si, I am all man over here, no little spider is gonna get me all scurred. Anyways, enjoy the video. (Video will be back shortly… gotta edit some bad boy stuff)







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  1. you could call that video: hot bitch in heat…hey…wuz up with all the foul language?!?

  2. I LOVE JESSICA SIMPSON!!!!!!!! I am SO jealous!

  3. Aww. What a wonderful story. I’m happy that you and Kinsey got to spend time together doing some fun stuff. You guys are the ish! Have a good day.

  4. I guess thats how Jessica makes her money these days…FORCING you to buy $75 worth of stuff. What a loser.

  5. I am so happy that you and Kinsey spent some well deserved time together! I’m really leaving a comment about your jokes… they’re great! I didn’t tell my five year old the “brown chicken “joke, but the others were hilarious to her. Do you have anymore?

  6. Yes I am a crazy dog mommy and made my dog a birthday cake with a candle for her first birthday too. Nice to hear I am not alone.

  7. really make me laugh! I like your like about the 3 year old mexican kid…too funny!

  8. I mean I like your “story” duh! Guess I was laughing too hard or maybe not.

  9. My favorite song is also don’t take the girl by Tim mcgraw

  10. aw Kinsey is so pretty. I hope that yall get better”) oh ya I love your brown chicken brown cow joke its like the funniest joke ever!

  11. Brown chikn brown cooowwwow!

    ohmygod….i totally told everyone that joke and well nobody laughed…so am i officially invited into the club???? lol

    luv ya!

  12. I love your “brown chik’n brown coooow” joke….you crack me up JC.

  13. I missed the “brown chik’n brown cow” joke. I really want to know what it was. Anyone mind repeating?

  14. way to think on your toes JC;)

    cute pics btw 😀

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