Stealing stuff from hotels comes in handy…

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The bad luck continues for me… I decided to stay at work until about 6:30 yesterday because we were doing some work stuff and it helped to keep me from thinking about what happened during the weekend. Unfortunately Kinsey had left for Houston earlier in the day and when I arrived home I had the wonderful pleasure of cleaning up all of Delilah’s accidents, I am pretty sure I had The Great Lakes over at my house yesterdy. The poor dogs were sitting in the dark running wild. So I took them out to potty and cleaned up the mess and then kicked them from very far away so my foot never made contact.


I ended up laying down in bed and passing out with a pounding headache. I think it came on because of the stress of not having any shopping done and not having talked to Kinsey all day. I went the whole day without having a conversation with her. Pretty weird huh? You know what else is weird? People who eat peanut butter and ham sandwiches… put a darn banana in there instead of ham for crying out loud, but I digress… I did call her but she told me she was on her way out to dinner with her family and that was it. The only time that has ever happened is when one of us has been out of the country on vacation. It does leave a bit of an empty feeling to the day, kind of when your favorite NFL loses… luckily the chargers won this weekend. I may have had to jump of the balcony if they lost. Yup, LT saved my life… JK, fo sho : ) 


Funny thing is that we only have two comforters for our bed and apparently she had taken one so she could sleep that night. So I was left with the other one and no sheets, I later found them in the washer. Why were they in the washer? Because Kinsey washed them… that was a stupid question.  Well, right around 1am Delilah decided to pee all over the bed. So the only thing I could find to cover myself from the cold had been tainted, Delilah deserved a swift kick (a lot of kicking going on in this blog) but she was also sad that Kinsey wasn’t there. So I got up and put the comforter in the washer, where I found the rest of my sheets. I ended up sleeping on a naked bed covered by a bath robe I stole from a hotel room in Vegas… see, there is a point to stealing stuff from hotels.


TC…. (that means To be continued… wait, actually it would mean “to continue”… let’s change that)


TBC… (now that means To be continued for reals… using acronyms is fun!!!)




PS- I had a dream that I kicked Leslie… VERY NICE!!! HIGH FIVE!!!!


Below is a picture of what “Leslie” looked like in my dream : ) Sorry fellas, she is taken.





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You know how your significant other has that one friend you can’t stand? Well this weekend Kinsey’s friend that J-Zizzle can’t stand came to stay at our house. We will call her Lesley. She showed up on Friday night. Kinsey and this girl have known each other since Kinsey was four… she is three years older than Kinsey. This girl ended up getting married right before Kinsey and I met. That’s the back story, now here is the why I don’t like her. Kinsey went on a couple of dates with her husbands brother and since has had the dream that Kinsey and this guy will get married and they will all live next door to each other in Oklahoma and be best friends and sisters in law for life. I met Lesley about two months into my relationship with Kinsey and the very first time I met her she let me know how Kinsey and her will someday be sisters in law, every time we saw her she would bring up how much fun Kinsey and that dude had on their dates. Kinsey ended up breaking it off with this guy because he was “too annoying”, still lived at home as a 26 year old, and his mom made him sit on the other side of the couch when Kinsey went over to their house. The love for Lesley began there… and by love I mean slight disliking.


Friday night when Lesley arrived I told Kinsey I would go hang out with my friends to avoid any sort of anger that may come from Leslie. Kinsey told me not to worry about it because Lesley would not bring any of it up. I figured that she had grown up a bit and realize that it’s not the best idea to talk about that guy in front of the current boyfriend, AKA me.


So we go on out to dinner and everything is going fine. We were about an hour into dinner and no mention of the guy. I started to feel comfortable and it was almost as if she had noticed that I put my guard down that she dropped the bomb. Out of the blue Leslie said “John has been calling me asking if you are still dating that guy.” I automatically looked at Kinsey and gave her the “here we go look.” Kinsey gave an awkward, “that’s nice.” Unfortunately it didn’t stop there; she went on to say that she told him, “She still hasn’t dumped the loser.” I am sitting right in front of her, paying for her dinner, and she had the audacity to say that right in front of me. I will say that her friend is not malicious in any matter… I just think she is very clueless. After that comment I went into quiet mode and even pulled out my phone and started playing solitaire to diffuse the stabbing pain in my stomach.


She then went on to start talking about the time that they were about to kiss but his mom came home and how it probably would have gone all the way if the mom hadn’t come home (that was the last time she saw the guy). We then went home and I went to sleep. The next morning they woke up and went shopping all day. I was still pretty upset from Friday night so my buddy Paul and I decided to go play darts and have a couple of beers… a couple of beers turned into about 7 or  8, whoopsie daisy.


I ended up going home and waiting for her because we had a birthday party to attend. I was on the couch watching TV when they walked in. Kinsey jokingly said “looks like you had some fun.” I laughed and said yeah, Paul and I hung out. Leslie decided to chime in with a wonderful, “John would have never gotten drunk.” That was it right there, so I looked at her and told her to get the heck out of my house and I walked to my room and took a small nap… ok, I passed out. Kinsey woke me up to see if I was ok and I told her I wasn’t ok. This is why you should not drink and talk. I ended up telling her I was mad that she didn’t stick up for me, one thing led to another and I ended up telling her to give me her house keys and took a shower to calm down. When I got out Paul was in my living room and told me to go with him so I could calm down. The rest of the night Kinsey and I didn’t talk. It does make me feel better to know that every person goes through rough patches. Kinsey is going to Houston for a couple of days and hopefully all of this will be put behind us… but no matter what happens, Leslie is not allowed at my house : )



Mexico trip part 4: TOY TIME!!!!!

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Finally the best part of my trip was here. I’m not going to lie to you… I was nervous. I wanted the kids to be happy and like everything we got them. I didn’t want to be like the weird uncle who gets you a present and after you open it you look at him with that fake smile and say “thank you… I really hate, I mean, love it!!” That’s why we talked to them before going out shopping : )

As we arrived at the home we told Tayna, the lady who we came in contact with to make this happen, to sit the kids in the patio. As soon as I got the ok I walked in followed by Felix, Enrique, and Ricardo with bags and bags of toys for the kids. Their faces all shifted towards me and all their mouths opened wide. Every single kid got a toy and school supplies. Their faces lit up even more when I told them that I had to make another trip and brought their Christmas tree in and then on the last trip back to our van full of toys we brought out the big boy…the kids now have a karaoke machine (the girls at the home would not stop singing into water bottles as if they were microphones), and a TV to pass those boring moments by along with a DVD player and a bunch of DVD’s to watch. I told them they had to be all done with homework if they wanted to watch a movie

. I figured little kids love bubbles so I bought a bubble set for the little ones… well, they went off to the corner and poured both bottles of bubble solution into the machine and did not add water. Haha. They kept thinking the bubbles were invisible. Every single kid, including me, had a huge smile on their face and no tears were shed which is pretty amazing when you are around so many kids. We finished off our trip with the breaking of the piñatas; it’s not a posada unless you get some sugar all up in your system. As I looked around I saw our security guys Felix and Enrique, two big men with huge muscles who I had not seen a smile from in the 8 hours I had been around them, smiling all over the place. They were playing with the kids, putting toys together and letting their inner kid come out.

Not until we were leaving did I learn just why the kids were so impressed by the toys. Surely they receive donations all the time, but this time it was different. Tayna told me that this was the first time ever that these kids had seen toys that were still in the box and wrapped. She said, “Every toy they receive is a hand me down.” That sentence right there made my trip worth while. These kids wake up with nothing every day… no mom, no dad, no family, no toys of their own and for once they were able to experience that. I hope that one day those kids grow up and have the chance to pay it forward to some more kids.



Mexico part 3: Off to buy toys!!!!

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It was finally time to shop for the kids so Dino and I spent the next 6 hours going from store to store shopping. We went to Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Commercial Mexicana, Gigante, and even hit up some toy stores around town. We bought toys, toy computers, microscopes, science sets, dolls, notebooks, crayons, markers, pens, a karaoke machine, and even a basketball hoop. I’m not going to lie… shopping for toys was stressful. I have no idea what kids like now a days, but then again I remembered that these kids don’t know the difference since they have never gotten to experience brand new toys.


What made the shopping more special was that I spent a few hours talking with the kids. I learned what they wanted for Christmas and what they wanted to be when they grew up so that I could tie that in with what I bought. Most kids want to be doctors, police officers, firefighters, singers, or veterinarians at a young age… this is why I was pleasantly surprised that I found a 12 year old girl who wanted to become a scientist and instead of wanting a doll or CD for Christmas like a normal 12 year old girl she wanted a microscope set. The best part of this request was her reason, she said, “I want to learn more than I know right now.” So we found a chemistry set with a microscope included and I thought that if I bought a few of them she could have other kids to share her love with and maybe another kid could find that they too like science.


Funny story though… I saw Santa while we were shopping… I think he might be balding in the “beard” area and his “beard” had a nice yellow color to it around the mouth area. Yes I sat on his lap and yes he smelled funny and had a creepy laugh and I did not see one parent let their kid sit on his lap.


After we were all done I realized I had a few hundred dollars left so I decided to buy the kids a 21” Television and a DVD player along with a bunch of movies for them to watch. A lot of the kids told me they get bored because all there is to do is play with the toys and color. I still had some money left over so I decided to get two piñatas full of candy and a Christmas tree because Dino reminded me that he did not see one. I had a blast shopping for the toys, we had our two body guards following us making sure everything was going well making us feel all rad (who uses “rad” anymore?). We had our driver Ricardo with us grabbing toys. I felt like a kid again. I could not wait to go back to the home and give the kids their presents….



Mexico part 2….

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The orphanage was on a very thin street on a huge hill. There were stray dogs everywhere. It looked run down from the outside; it had the old tire shop feel to it. There was no way to look inside because the gate was pretty tall, but you could definitely hear the kids. As we walked into this home the kid’s screams and laughter got louder I felt sadness take over my body. Who would ever abandon their kid? How could a mother do that? I suppose the Mexican job market has an effect on parents and they run out of options, but I don’t understand how you could just hand your kids over… there has to be other options. But then there are the kids who lost their parents like Jose Manuel who was only 4 years old when he lost his mommy and is fully aware of what happened. He may not be able to describe it in detail but he knows. He is now six years old and when I asked him what happened to his family he simple replied, “She died”. So I asked him what happened. Jose Manuel broke eye contact with me and answered, “And ambulance came to take her and they shot her.” He may not be able to explain it they way an adult would but he can get his point across. I then asked him if he remembers when it happened and this time he did not answer… he just reached out and gave me a hug.


 Dino and I hung out at the orphanage for a few hours. Talking, playing, and laughing with the kids. I was a bit taken back after speaking with an 11 year old boy named Saul. He had told me that he received about 15 toys for Christmas last year. I started thinking I had picked an orphanage that did not need any help from us until I walked out to the play area, a small terrace on the second floor of the orphanage with a plastic roof… as I walked up the wobbly man made wooden stairs it became clear that these kids were not living in luxury at all. I felt as if the stairs would give way at any moment and to top it off there was no handrail to my left which meant a kid could easily fall and have nothing to hold on to. Unfortunately the home runs solely on donations and they can’t afford to make the renovations needed so they do with what they are given.


Anyways, back to the play area… The terrace was small and was the only place where the kids could play. It was full of dirty worn down toys. Half their toys were broken and the ones that ran on batteries did not run. Frankly the toys were older than the kids. They had a foosball table which was slanted towards the middle. No radio. The board games were missing half the pieces. They had a small home made plastic fort, and a hand made basketball hoop, and by handmade I mean a broken hula hoop tied to the fence which gave the kids no scoring ability unless they threw it directly through the hoop. Oh, and lets not forget the view… every time these kids wanted to look out into the world they got the pleasant sight of the rundown apartments across the street, and a view of the smog filled sky. Not the most inspiring sight I have ever seen. Dino and I played basketball with the kids for about an hour with a ball that didn’t bounce since it was so old and flat. During the game one of the boys tried to get in and play and Saul told him the game was full. Here was the 7 year old boy getting rejected by his family and now a friend. He went off to the corner and cried so I went over and handed him the basketball and told him to go score. You could tell Saul realized he had made a mistake because he let him come right up and score a basket… his smiled as he sat there with the dirt trail of tears running from his eyes halfway down his cheeks, cool sight.


As we left the orphanage the kids hung on to us. For all they knew we would never come back… I wanted to tell them that I would be right back but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so I bid my farewell, more to come tomorrow….



Mexico time!!!!

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So here I am… feeling like a million bucks and it’s not because I have been working out, or because I got a haircut, or because I have some new clothes… nothing like that. I feel this way because I was able to give, and this brought joy and smiles to abandoned kids from my old stopping grounds… and I’m not talking about San Diego… I am talking about Mexico.


Ever since I got into radio and was able to see the awesome community service that DJs all over America do and I wanted to be a part of that. Unfortunately I did not have the resources to do what I wanted to do. So after getting this job I decided to start saving some money. It wasn’t much but when I approached Kidd about my idea he was all about it and he even matched what I had saved up. Suddenly the idea I had was very tangible. Little by little everything came together.


After putting the idea together we purchased plane tickets, hotel, drivers, and even some protection to make sure the toys and money would be safe. Dino and I were the only ones on the trip and had quite a challenge ahead of us. I did see this as an opportunity to hang out with Jorge “the sperm” donor (the biological dad). So I emailed him and let him know I would be in town. I thought he may jump at the opportunity to hang out with us and even show us around a bit. He actually called my after receiving the email… imagine that. He told me to drop everything because we were going to his cabin and he would have a driver pick me up and take me there. I told him what I was doing hoping he would change his plans. All he said was, “that’s great.” So I asked if he wanted to just catch up for a couple of hours after we landed. He said he had made dinner plans with friends and didn’t want to break them. So I flat out asked him, “Why don’t you put your plans aside and go next week so we can hang out.” He said he couldn’t do that to his friends, but maybe “next time.” Once again I let him let me down, but I wouldn’t let that get in the way of what I was doing. If he wants to go to a cabin and drink with his friends instead of hang out with the son that he has only met once… that is fine with me. I have grown to expect the worse from him.


As the plane landed at the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City my stomach knotted up and as we met our driver Ricardo everything became real, this was actually happening. Here I was in the city I had left as a child and not been back to in years. For the first time in my life I would experience my home town as a grown up. As we walked outside for the first time smog filled my lungs. The smell was eminent and there was no way around it. The city was cleaner than I remember, not by much, but it was noticeable. Every time Ricardo would come to a stop at a light, a man or young boy would clean his windshield. They have to make money somehow, but it does get a annoying.


Our driver Ricardo had a job and told us about how he had moved to the US and left his wife and son behind to try to make better money. His mom ended up getting sick and he had to return home for a while. Well, the hospital bills cost him too much and he has not had the money to move back to the states. He spoke great English and had a degree but ended up working as a cook in the states and now he is a driver.


After being dropped off at the hotel Dino and I decided to walk around to get a feel for the city and I even showed him my old street and home. The house looked the same as I remember. The color had not changed; it was still dark gray and still had the castle roof. I couldn’t see much more because the gate was closed. I really wanted to take him in to take a look but my family had a huge fallout after my grandma died and we no longer talk with my uncle who let us live downstairs. He had moved anyways and Ricardo advised us not to go and knock if we didn’t know who lived there. We then ate some street tacos and Dino ruined his brand new jeans… the only pants he brought on the trip. I guess he didn’t know that chorizo has a bit of grease on it. We were told to get back to the hotel before sundown because we could be targeted… specially at this time of the year when people become more and more desperate… this actually came into play and put a curve on my plans.


My plan was to go to my old street and start handing out toys to the kids and families. Our guards Enrique and Felix quickly threw out that idea and told me that if we did it that way people would see what we have. Not only would we put ourselves in danger but we would also put the families at risk because people know they have something. Luckily my aunt knew of some orphanages around the area and she hooked us up with one a few blocks away from my old block. We came in contact with Tayna, who runs the home, and she said she would love to have us. We set up a time to meet the kids early the next day with the intention of going to shop for the toys afterwards so we could get a feel for what they want. It was pleasant to meet Tayna… especially for Dino because she spoke English very well. Tayna was from Finland and she lived there with her husband. How cool of them to live in a country for a few years taking care of abandoned children. I am glad there are people like them out there, more on the trip tomorrow…


I forgot my password… I suck

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Sorry for the missed last couple of days… i forgot my password… and was too embarrased to tell. But I found the paper with my passowrd, YAY!!!!! On we go…


My friend from all the way back in high school called me last night because he said he needed to get something of his chest… something he had not told anyone. I was expecting something crazy like that he turned gay (this would be crazy because this guy is as close as you get to a man’s man), or that he got his girl pregnant, or that he robbed someone. He finally takes a deep breath and says, “dude…” so I reply, “duuuude!!” The real news then came out, “dude, I think my girl is getting fat.” I sat there silently for a second and thought back to the last time I saw them which was about 4 months ago and I said, “You know what? I agree with you.” He met this girl once we went off to college. She ran cross country but has since stopped working out as hard. Don’t get me wrong, she is still beautiful but there is that possibility of the situation getting worse and actually affecting her health.  So we sat on the phone for an hour practicing how he would let her know she was letting herself go… NOT GAY!!!


I got to go to New Orleans for the first time ever. I got to go with Big Al and hang out with B97 which happens to be the station we are on there. I want to go there and party so bad. The French Quarter was awesome. B97 had an awesome lineup with Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, and a band I had heard about called NLT… check them out if you get a chance. I had a pretty cool glimpse into their lives though. Martin from Boys Like Girls came up as Al and I were talking with Benji and Joel from Good Charlotte and they began talking. Martin said that they had just received their first plaque and they were stoked. Benji looked at him and said, “awesome, get used to it because once it starts they don’t stop… that is my favorite part about this.” I have always wondered how rock starts communicate. Everyone thinks all they care about is the fame and the chick. Nope, they care about the music and that it is actually making an impact. Just a cool lil view into a rock star convo… oh, afterwards they started talking about calculus, politics, and quantum physics… oh, and hot chicks and beer and stuff. Yup, keeping it real crazy.


I was gone for most the day yesterday, and by most of the day I mean I came                                             home at around 11pm. Kinsey had fallen asleep but apparently failed to mention that she had moved our entire house around. Our room, the living room, the… um… that’s pretty much the only rooms we have. Anyways, I walk into the room and being the great boyfriend I am, I decided not to turn on the light so she would wake up…. I ended up walking full leg swing into our wooden bed frame she had very strategically placed on my side of the bed. I ended up jamming my toe so hard that my nail has since turned purple. Yup, I think I either broke my toe. I hope my nail doesn’t fall off. After Kinsey woke up due to my death scream she decided to show me the candy trains she had made for Christmas. She said she wanted to give everyone at work one. She was so excited about it… I was still in pain. Random I know.

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